How could you benefit from the ayControl innovations in the last two years?

The ongoing development of ayControl KNX+IoT goes constantly on, even if you sometimes don’t immediately notice the work behind it. We are always busy thinking about, evaluating and implementing new functions to further improve your everyday life in your KNX Smart Home.

We also listen very carefully to feedback from our customers. What trends apart from KNX are emerging, where can we improve, how can we correct bugs as quickly as possible?

Under this blog post, you will find an infographic that illustrates and summarizes for a better overview only a part of our advancements.

aycontrol improvements-18

Can you contribute or speed up ayControl innovations?

Do you have any ideas what we could improve or enhance in ayControl KNX+IoT? Please send us your constructive criticism or suggestions via e-mail to

If you are completely satisfied with ayControl, we would also be very pleased about your rating in the App Store/Google Playstore! The more ayControl is spread, the faster we can advance further developments. In this way, you can also contribute to the progress of ayControl!