ayControl KNX – mobile remote control for your SmartHome

KNX control and visualisation app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones / tablets

Your easy to use, high-class money saver

Forget about old style wall-mounted touch screens and expensive KNX (home) servers! Use ayControl KNX as the economic alternative.

Your SmartHome follows your own rules with EcoPilot!

Automation made easy: Define rules and actions in ayControl, which your house will automatically do. Blinds down 1h after sunset… No problem!

Safety & remote control

Keep an eye on your house: Embedding of IP cameras and VoIP intercoms. Control everything from everywhere via cellular and Wi-Fi connections.

For new and upgraded buildings with KNX bus

If you don’t plan to build a new house, you can upgrade your existing house with an KNX/EIB bus to gain a lot of comfort with ayControl KNX.

Simple configuration & customized design

You can easily customize the design of ayControl KNX. Use your own menu and background images to fit your style. Select your favourite theme color etc.

The ayControl KNX visualisation app turns iPad, iPhone and Android smartphone / tablets into a comfortable remote control for your building. Thanks to the simple, clear and intuitive interface, controlling lights, blinds, VoIP/SIP door communication systems, IP cameras, heating/climate and much more becomes super simple. You can even use ayControl KNX as a remote control for your multimedia devices!

ayControl KNX, together with the EcoPilot KNX app, can also automate your building at low cost. Your SmartHome follows your own rules. Functions like: “30 minutes after sunset, move down the blinds” are created easily and without KNX knowledge.

ayControl KNX also supports push notifications to your devices: You can e.g. be notified if movement was detected in your garden while you’re on vacation. The possibilities are endless!

What others say about ayControl

  • We are proud that we have equipped the first 5* hotel with ayControl on 300 iPads, which are used as innovative room control from the guests.

    Minghai YaoHinwo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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