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Mobile KNX Steuerung - Vorteile in der Rohbauphase

Savings through ayControl in the shell construction phase of your KNX Smart Home

Are you in the middle of planning or already in the process of building your new KNX Smart Home? Here we show you how you can already benefit from our KNX control app during the shell construction. For example, lighting control is already required during the construction phase. If, however, the precious KNX wall switches are already installed in this
Hitzeschutz mit der ayControl KNX App für iOS und Android

Heat protection: Keep the temperature in your Smart Home comfortable with ayControl, Ecobutler and KNX

The summer brings heat waves with it, which can be combated with ventilation or darkening with blinds. But wouldn’t it be easier if these measures were carried out by automatic rules e.g. above a certain temperature? Perhaps you know this: You come home and the heat of the hot summer day has accumulated in your home. Time-consuming ventilation helps, but
KNX Anwesenheits Simulation mit der ayControl App

Anti Burglary presence simulation for KNX based Smart Homes with ayControl + EcoButler

Summer is a popular time to go on a well-deserved holiday. No matter where the journey takes you – to the sea, to the mountains or to the city – it is important that you can relax there and feel comfortable without worries. But: Unfortunately, not only tourists are on the move in summer – burglars are also increasingly finding

Storing scenes in EcoButler

In this article we will show you how you can record scenes in ayControl and use them afterwards in EcoButler rules. Preparations The controls to be included in a scene are first created with the ayControl Editor and added to the respective scene button. The resulting profile is then transferred to ayControl. The latest version of EcoButler, but at least

Integrate Philips HUE into your KNX system with ayControl

In this article, we will show you how to integrate Philips HUE lights with the new functions of ayControl KNX + IoT. In just a few steps, you will be able to fully control your HUE lights/groups and use them in EcoButler automation rules.This new feature of ayControl KNX is a cost-efficient solution to integrate and control your Philips HUE
KNX Smarthome - calculate sun position ( azimuth and elevation)

Configuration of EcoButler Solar Conditions

With the release of EcoButler version 1.5, two new conditions related to the sun were included. On this page you will learn about the configuration and correct use of these conditions. The new conditions are available in EcoButlers registered with licenses from Gold upwards. Solar azimuth The Solar azimuth is direction, where the sun is positioned in the sky, as seen