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smart control inside the building and from afar


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Are you selling KNX products or planning KNX installations?

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Now for Android

The comfortable way of controlling your building

KNX control for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets


Intuitive Control

Easily control your building (home, hotel, office,…) with your mobile device.

No Server Required

Easy and fast setup, without expensive and complex servers.

Control from Everywhere

ayControl works worldwide and over every internet connection.


Upgrade your KNX House

Easy installation brings your KNX based home, hotel, … to the next level of security and convenience.

Multimedia Control

Drop all your conventional remote controls – use ayControl on the iPad, iPhone and Android devices instead.

Protect your Building

Information and monitoring of your building through IP camera viewer.

Door Station Voice + Video

See the video, be able to open the door and also talk to your visitor.

ayControl KNX

Smart control inside the building and from afar

With ayControl on iPhone, iPad or Android devices, home- and business buildings EIB/KNX bus systems can be controlled any time and from any where. You can switch light on or off, regulate room climate, control blends and much more.  With ayControl you can manage your whole house, because it offers direct communication via mobile devices (no server necessary) and real time presentation of your SmartHome.

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    Are you selling KNX products or planning KNX installations?