How do I get ayControl?


Download the free ayControl Base App

Download the ayControl base app and see what ayControl can do. It is free and has no time limit, but has limited abilities. It can then be extended with upgrade packages, as described in the next steps.


Contact the ayControl Team or your desired retail partner

You can either contact the ayControl team directly via phone and the contact form below, or you choose one of our many retail partners on the map and list below.


Buy an upgrade package which is appropriate for you

Upgrade Packages extend the abilities of your ayControl app. The ayControl team / your retail partner will find an upgrade package which suits your needs


Let a retail partner configure ayControl

One of our retail partners will configure ayControl for you and adapt it to your building. If you have experience with KNX, you can do this step yourself!

Contact the ayControl team

Request information about ayControl and allow us to advise you!



+43 316 34 68 00 25

(for technical support)


+43 316 34 68 00 21

(for commercial requests)

Find retail partner

They are responsible for the installation and individual configuration, which is adapted to your wishes, needs and building conditions.

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