ayControl 3 base app

For free and without time limit

The ayControl base app offers 6 control elements and can be used for testing for an indefinite time. This base app can later be enhanced with the ayControl Upgrade Packages very easily, without a new installation.

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EcoButler server app

Automate your KNX controls

The EcoButler is an application running on an stationary Android device which automates functions in
KNX based smarthomes. You can define automation rules and the EcoButler will store and execute
them. Rules contain actions which are performed based on a variety of conditions.

ayControl Editor

Create profiles for ayControl

To adapt ayControl for your needs, we offer you the free configuration software, the ayControl Editor. With this easy to use program you can import ETS group adresses and configure ayControl 3. Use the ayControl Editor to efficiently create customized visualizations for your EIB/KNX bus systems.

Latest Version:


Video configuration guide

For an easy and fast ayControl configuration please watch the videos of our ayControl KNX Academy!


Configuration guide

You prefer a written Manual? No Problem!
You can donwload the full ayControl 3 Editor configuration guide here.


EcoButler Manual

Here you can download the written Manual for the EcoButler. With Tutorials, Examples and Troubleshooting.


Outdated versions

Here you find the Configuration guide and the Iseo Designer 2 for ayControl Version 2.1 and lower