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Create automations without any KNX knowledge; simple for electricians and end users.

What is the EcoButler and how does it work?

The EcoButler, formerly know as EcoPilot, is an server application running on an stationary Android device which automates functions in KNX based smart homes in a very cost efficient manner. You can define your own automation rules in ayControl for iOS or Android and the EcoButler will store and execute them for you. 

Why should you use the EcoButler?

  • By using Android instead of proprietary hardware, it’s a very cost efficient way to automate KNX projects without expensive server solutions or old style touch panels.
  • No additional configuration effort for the electrician because the EcoButler uses the existing ayControl configuration.
  • Even end users can create or modify rules in an intuitive graphical user interface directly in ayControl for iOS and Android.
  • You create unlimited rules with as many conditions and actions as you want.
  • You can use astro clock functions like “At 30 minutes after sunset or sunrise move the blinds”.
  • Send warning messages to iOS and Android devices (e.g. temperature dropped below 18°C).
  • Control SONOS functions with wall-mounted KNX push buttons or use them in scenes.
  • Simple to use for both end user and electrician.

What are rules ?

Rules are the Tasks which are executed by the EcoButler. They consist of conditions and actions.
You can nearly create any automation with rules, from simple to advanced, the possibilities are endless.

Conditions: Specify one or more conditions for a rule (e.g: WHEN it is 8pm)
Actions: Specify one or more actions for the same rule (e.g: THEN turn on the light)

Conditions and actions can be combined and used multiple times in a single rule. If you specify multiple actions in a rule, they will be executed sequentially. When actions are executed can be defined using the Wait action in between.

How does the EcoButler relate to ayControl?

The EcoButler acts as automation server.

Once installed on an permanently powered Android device it doesn’t need any maintainance.

ayControl acts as client.

All rules are defined in ayControls intuitive graphical user interface.
Like ayControl the EcoButler connects to the KNX system via KNXnet/IP Tunneling or Routing.
Therefore, when using KNXnet/IP tunneling, a separate KNXnet/IP tunneling connection will be used up by the EcoButler.

How does the Licence system work?

The EcoButler can be run in 2 modes:

In the demo mode, without entering your upgrade package credentials in the EcoButler server app, the EcoButler allows one rule for free.
In the registered mode the EcoButler will support unlimited automation rules.
Registering the EcoButler works in the same way like in ayControl. The EcoButler will also count as 1 device at the upgrade package.

Creating and modifying of automation rules is done in ayControl. For accessing the EcoButler, ayControl has to be activated with following upgrade packages: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Single and the Sales Partner package. If you have Titanium or any older ayControl upgrade package, you need to upgrade it to one of above packages in order to use the EcoButler

Which Hardware should be used?

The EcoButler server App runs on almost every Android 4 or above device. However, it is strongly recommended to run it on an always-on device, which is permanently connected to power, network and stays in your building. Why? It needs to be always on and connected. Only then the EcoButler can monitor states and execute the rules at the right time.

For quick tests you can run it on Android phones or tablets as well. However for professional permanent usage we strongly reccomend to use all-in-one Android mini-PCs: They are energy-efficient, they automatically reboot after a energy blackout, even have a LAN interface and suit perfectly for running the EcoButler. Last but not least, they are available for less than 100€

We recommend the products of MINIX (MINIX neo X5 mini, MINIX neo X7 mini).

Important: If you buy other hardware than the ones listed above, please make sure that it automatically reboots after a power failure!

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