Many people prefer short educational videos to studying documentation. This is why we created the free ayControl Academy, a series of short videos for you. In them we explain the basic concepts and the configuration of the intuitive visualization. No matter if you are already very experienced in KNX visualizations or not, it will definitely be interesting for you.


What to expect from the ayControl academy?

The contents of the videos are sequential. We highly recommend that you watch these videos in the suggested order and we promise that it will be an entertaining way to learn how to configure the software.


Software and requirements

There are a few things you should consider before you continue. In the 2nd video you will learn the requirements such as Software, KNX bus system, KNX IP interface or router as well as which data you need from the ETS software so that you can celebrate your first success with our professional KNX control app in a few minutes.


Control lights with this KNX visualization

In this video we will show you how to control your first light with ayControl. We will learn more about handling KNX group addresses and how to integrate a first KNX light switch and a dimmer into the KNX app for Android and iOS.


More Capabilities With Additional Controls

Here we will learn the time-saving ETS import as well as the control elements of the visualization: button, media button and their difference to the switch. Furthermore, we will learn about blinds, value display, sliders and their typical applications.


Achieve Top Usability and design

In this video we show you how you can significantly improve the usability of the KNX App in a few steps. This is one of the most important videos! Take part and create a noticeable added value for the users.


Controlling IoT and multimedia devices

In this video we show you how to control IoT devices with our comfortable control app. You need the ayControl Editor and the IP address of the IoT or multimedia device you want to control. There are drivers for different TV sets, AV receivers, UPnP renderers, projectors, Philips HUE lights, the cheap Siemens logo! Logic module (PLC) and more.