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What is ayControl? What can I control with ayControl KNX?

ayControl is the mobile EIB/KNX home and building control on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

ayControl offers comfort, security and information. It is easy to set up in every home or office with an EIB/KNX bus. ayControl also offers direct communication (no server is needed) and real-time presentation of your building.

Information like room temperature, current status of the lights, heating/air conditioning etc. can be accessed and controlled from any place. This offers you security when you’re not at home/office because you don’t have to be there in order to control it.

With ayControl you can control the following:

  • Lights, sun blinds, garage door, air conditioning over EIB/KNX
  • Multimedia devices like TV, SAT, Hi-Fi over infrared
  • Color lights over DMX (available only on ayControl 2)

ayControl offers you comfort and security through:

  • Control of your home/office from virtually everywhere
  • Real-time visualization and screen display of IP cameras
  • Scene recall,  e.g. “movie night”
  • Control of the RGB color lights
  • Revaluation of the EIB/KNX bus system
  • Direct communication and quick reaction, no server needed
Where can I buy ayControl the EIB/KNX control and visualization?

ayControl, the KNX control on iPad, iPhone and Android devices is offered by our EIB/KNX integrators and retail partners.

Here you can find your nearest retail partner.

What hardware do I need and what are the technical requirements to run ayControl?

ayControl, the mobile EIB/KNX control on iPad, iPhone and Android connects directly to your devices and systems using WLAN, without any servers. It can communicate with virtually anything that is connected to your home network. In order for ayControl to make your everyday easier and more comfortable, it requres:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device
  • Wireless network installation
  • Controllable device or system


Examples of some devices/systems that are supported by ayControl:

System/deviceConnection typeDetails
EIB/KNXExtensionKNX/IP Interface or KNX/IP Router
Infrared (TV, HiFi, etc.)Additional hardwareIR Gateway (e.g. from IRTrans)
IP CamerasDirect connectionImage or motion image display through specification of the address of the device. On some devices the position of the camera is also controllable
Door communicationDirect connectionBi-directional audio communication with SIP VoIP doorstations and communction systems

Here you will find more information about all supported devices and systems:


How does ayControl communicate with my devices?

ayControl uses WLAN and LAN to exchange information with connected devices.

The following facts show the advantages of this solution:

  • mobile devices are usually equipped with an built-in WLAN
  • most homes are equipped with WLAN
  • many devices have a possibility to be connected via LAN
  • the connection between WLAN and LAN is virtually always present
What is a “controllable device or system”?

Any piece of technical equipment that has the possibility to send and receive data from a network is seen as a controllable device or system by ayControl. This is often possible with an extra component: KNX bus with KNX/IP gateway, an IP interface for DMX, etc. The data between the system and the network can also be exchanged via an extra transceiver, e.g. IR Trans for devices with infrared remote control. Of course, the device itself may happen to have a network port over which the data can be exchanged.

How can I control my KNX bus system with ayControl in only a few steps?

There are just seven steps to control you KNX bus system with the ayControl on your mobile device:

  • download ayControl 3 from the Apple App Store/ Google Play Store
  • download the ayControl Editor from the download page, install it and start it
  • create a new ayControl project
  • create a new KNX connection and import and prepare the group addresses
  • create control elements and bind them with the group addresses
  • create a profile structure (floor, room, layout) and place the control elements
  • transfer the project to your mobile device

Now you can turn on or off the lights for the first time with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android smartphone or tablet.

If you have any problems with any of these steps, you can find more detailed video instructions in our video academy

For which devices is the KNX control ayControl 3 available?
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 5 or newer
  • Android smartphones (2.3 or newer) and Android tablets (3.2 or newer)
What is the ayControl Editor?

The ayControl Editor is a configuration software for ayControl version 3.0  or newer.

With the ayControl Editor you can create profiles for ayControl quickly and intuitively. All new features of ayControl from version 3.0 are fully supported and can be easily configured.

The ayControl Editor is platform independent and available on Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8.x), as well as on MAC OS X.

Here you will find more information about the ayControl Editor:

What does ayControl consist of?

ayControl is more than just an app for your mobile device, it’s a package.
An important part of this package is the ayControl Editor, which is being used to configurate ayControl to fit your personal needs.
Another important part is the superior support for every of our customers, offered by our employees and our retail partners.

Bus systems and their mobile control need a variety of different components. In order for them to work properly, the configuration needs a lot of knowledge and experience, which is offered by our KNX experts and retail partners.

Can the ayControl communicate with the SIP based IP door station?

Yes. Not only that it is possible to speak with the visitor and to open the door, it is also possible to display a video stream from the door station. When the visitor calls from the door station, a pop-up window is opened and the video stream is displayed.

Furthermore, you can connect IP-cameras. This way you can always keep an eye on your home/building. One or more IP-cameras can be easily embedded offering you security and information.

Can the design be changed?

Yes. The graphical user interface of ayControl was created by professional designers and it’s adjusted for easy handling and recognition.

For big projects like hotels and volume appartment projects, we offer special user interface designs for every customer in order to apply customer’s corporate design guidelines. Special hotel mode and graphical menus can be implemented for volume projects.

Contact the ayControl team and describe your project which can profit from the special design service.

How can time scheduler and if/then features be implemented?

This can be easily achieved by using the EcoButler, an extension for ayControl. The EcoButler, formerly know as EcoPilot, is an server application running on an stationary Android device which automates functions in KNX based smart homes in a very cost efficient manner. You can define your own automation rules in ayControl for iOS or Android and the EcoButler will store and execute them for you.
More information

You are already an ayControl sales partner and you have further information or questions?

If you have questions concerning the ayControl portal, please read the detailed guide that we sent you via email upon your admission as an ayControl sales partner.

Should we send you this guide again, or do you have any further questions?

Please contact us via email or phone.

Where can I get the support concerning questions about the KNX ayControl?

Information for the home use of ayControl:

Do you want to try out the mobile control for KNX systems on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android devices?

Do you have further questions about the packet prices or you need technical support?  Please send us your inquiry over our ayControl contact form for end customers.

Information on how to become an ayControl sales partner:

You are an electrician, an electrical or light planner and you want to offer ayControl to your customers?  Please send us an inquiry over our ayControl contact form for sales partners or use our callback service.

Is the ayControl KNX being further developed? Are there regular updates for the ayControl KNX app?

Yes, ayControl is being further developed.

Through 4 years of intensive development of the KNX visualization ayControl for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android we can offer our customers a professional and comfortable mobile control. The intuitive usage of the ayControl KNX was already awarded with the Austrian User Experience Award in 2009. However, we keep working on the improvement and the expansion of the KNX control. Users get regular updates automatically with every package.

Overview of the history of versions of the ayControl KNX app:

ayControl KNX App Version 3: new design and ayControl for Android devices

  • ayControl for Android smartphones and tablets
  • New design: iPad 3 Retina Display with excellent graphics
  • communication with the door station  - SIP (VoIP)
  • easyScenes – implementation of the scenes
  • Hotel mode/graphical menus – individual design for customers for volume projects

ayControl KNX app version 2.1: logo embedding

From this version on you can embed the logo of your company or your customers’ logo in the room overview on the left side. This feature was requested many times and it should help you strengthen your brand.

ayControl KNX app version 2.0: multimedia integration via Squeezebox

The ayControl KNX app offers multimedia integration via Squeezebox. Squeezebox is a compact all-in-one network music player which was designed to be used in the kitchen, bathroom or on the balcony.

The communication with iseo Designer is now improved: iPhone/iPad/iPod with special characters in name was not display in the “control server”.

In the new KNX ayControl version 2.0.2 some changes have be done, and it’s now compatible with iOS5.

ayControl KNX app version 1.9: Motion JPEG and video streaming for web cameras

With this update, ayControl offers motion JPEG and video streaming for web cameras.

Furthermore, the KNX control offers more comfort concerning the user guidance after the first installation. In the ayControl a room is shown with detailed information about the usage and the requirements.

The improved logging offers a better overview about the occurring problems thus improving the customer support quality.

The errors that appeared while transferring the configuration with the free configuration software iseo Designer 2 for the KNX ayControl are fixed.

ayControl KNX app version 1.8: more icons and flexible value display 

The number of available icons for the rooms in the house overview is now tripled and now cover a wide spectrum of the possible ayControl applications Furthermore, the value display is now expanded and improved.

ayControl KNX app version 1.7 

Find out how you can configure the multimedia control for iPad and choose from different element formats (3×3, 3×4, 3×5, 4×5 controls).

ayControl KNX app version 1.6: full support over KNX tunneling and routing

ayControl KNX app version 1.5: iOS4 support 

How does the control of multimedia devices over ayControl work?

The control takes course directly over a IR gateway, e.g. IR Trans Ethernet or SC LAN IR-I/O which converts commands from LAN to infrared.

It is simply configurated by creating a user interface. The commands for the multimedia remote control are recorded directly by the learning mode integrated in  ayControl. This way it is not necessary to search for the raw IR commands and the configuration takes only a few minutes.

Why do I get the “configuration could not be loaded” error?

You have probably exceeded the limit of the allowed elements. As described in the App Store/Play Store and on the, the ayControl iPhone/iPad/Android base app only spports up to six elements (including control elements and labels).  Would you like to work with bigger projects? No problem, ayControl also supports projects with hundreds of EIB/KNX elements. Here you can find information about ayControl upgrade possibilities and where you can get them.

How many devices can be connected at the same time?

Normally, the number of connected devices is not limited, but this can depend on the converter between KNX-Bus and IP network (the gateway) and the protocol that is being used:

  • KNX/IP routers in local WLAN support any number of devices but only few (mostly one) over the internet
  • KNX/IP interfaces offer only one connection in most of the cases
Does my PC need to be on all the time?

No, the ayControl communicates directly with the KNX bus and needs no server. A PC is needed only at the beginning for the configuration and setup of the ayControl. This way the costs of the equipment acquisition, maintenance and energy are reduce.

This page lists all the details about the technical requirements

How does the logging system work?

The protocol or the logging system records the send/receive activities that can help our support team to resolve a problem. Depending on the level the detail amount varies: “Error” is the most general and “Debug” the most detailed protocol. The logging should be off when it’s not needed since it affects the speed of the application.

The setup for the logging system can be found in the system-wide setup under the “ayControl” entry

How do I create and send a log file?

In order to create and send a log file you need to go activate the logging in the system-wide setup and set the level to “debug” if not indicated otherwise by our support team or your sales partner. After you have activated the logging go to the app and repeat the steps that led to an error. In the following steps there are slight differences between ayControl 2 and ayControl 3:

ayControl 2: 

In the room overview  tap on the “View log” and a new window will pop up. Tap on the action button in the upper left corner of this window and select “Send log by E-Mail”.

ayControl 3: 

In the room overview tap on the settings button in the lower left corner and a new window

will pop up. In the new window tap on the “Log” option in the list and the log window will appear displaying all the log data. In the upper right corner of the log window tap on the email icon.

Please describe the problem shortly in the email and send it – our support team is already listed as the receiver of the email.

How does the EIB/KNX bus control over a network work?

The KNX standard defines the method of sending the packets over the network. This method is called „KNXnet/IP“. Programs on all devices that can be connected with a network (smartphones, tablets, PCs, netbooks…) are able to communicate with a bus. ayControl implements this standard and is therefore compatible with all of the KNXnet/IP products.

How can I extend an existing EIB/KNX bus system with the ayControl?

ayControl can be integrated into an existing EIB/KNX system any time.
ayControl is the mobile extension for the installed wall panels and therefore offers a comfortable upgrade of your EIB/KNX bus system.
With the ayControl you can experience all the advantages of an EIB/KNX controlled home con a completely new, mobile level. The comfort you enjoyed before is now brought to a higher level since now you can move around your house/office while controlling the KNX system.

What is the iseo Designer 2?

iseo Designer 2 is a previous ayControl configuration software for the ayControl versions 2.1 and lower.
Please use the ayControl Editor since it works with the newer  ayControl versions.

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