Automate your building with EcoButler for ayControl! 

Did I leave the light in the cellar switched on?

Just stay in bed and check it.

With ayControl it is really easy to switch on or dim light. You can also

  • dim or switch on/off lights individually or in groups
  • switch on/off lights shiftedly
  • switch on/off all lights
  • integrate illumination in scenes

ayControl on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android devices supports not only EIB/KNX systems, but also DMX, especially when it comes to light control.

The easy usability of ayControl light control is supported by the status indication of the light, because sliding controllers and light switches contain indicators.

Your SmartHome follows your own rules!

Home automation made easy.


ayControl KNX, together with the EcoButler KNX app, can also automate your building at low cost. Your SmartHome follows your own rules. Functions like: “30 minutes after sunset, move down the blinds” are created easily and without KNX knowledge.

You can define automation rules and the EcoButler will store and execute them. Rules contain actions which are performed based on a variety of conditions.

Click here to read more about the automation functions of EcoButler and ayControl.

Blinds up in the whole building!

ayControl for individual shutter control.


The function of the ayControl blind control contains the opening and closing of one or more blinds including the adjustment of the fins.

Of course, the blinds can also be integrated in other scenes and therefore easily be controlled by the iPhone, iPad or by Android devices.

Fiery red or relaxing blue?

The ayControl RGB Color Control.


Via RGB Color Control you can give the light every colour you like. You simply choose – depending on your sentiment – a calming green, a light pink or fiery red. Only by means of easy handling on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android devices .
Click here for an example at the Café/Restaurant/Bar Blounge, which controls the light via the function “Scenes” and RGB Color Control.

The Color Control is a special feature which inspires many customers. On the one hand because it tops normal household controls by far, and on the other hand because color has a great influence on the ambiance in the room.

See while lying in bed who is waiting in front of the door!

Control your door station with ayControl.


With the function „door station“, it’s not only possible to see a video stream and to open the door, but also to talk with visitors. If the doorbell rings, a pop-up window opens and shows you the view from the door station.

Needless to say, it is also possible to embed multiple IP cameras. This way, you can keep track of the activities around and in your house.

Which remote control is the right one for this device?

ayControl – on iPhone, iPad or on Android devices.


Via an infrared interface ayControl will be the remote control for your mulitmedia devices (TV, stereo,…) in just a few minutes time. Once installed, numerous remote controls can be packed away and the whole comfortable multimedia control via ayControl on your iOS/Android device can be enjoyed.

The controlling surface of multimedia devices can individually altered depending on the wishes of the customers.

SONOS integration: control SONOS within the ayControl KNX app or, when using EcoButler,  even from wall-mounted KNX push buttons.

Easily create programmable scenes!

Save steps, time and energy.


Apart from the automation functions of EcoButler, individual scenes can be programmed via ayControl to adjust the room easily to the desired mood.

Examples for scene adjustments:

Home cinema

Blinds go down, light is dimmed, projector and multimedia devices are started.

Breakfast atmosphere

Blends go up, lights are switched on and radio is playing.

Keep  your building in view!

Support for IP cameras.


ayControl can be connected with an IP camera and thus has a considerable effect on the safety of your private house or business building.

Most cameras with Still JPEG, MotionJPEG, H.264, H.263, 3GP as well as some other streaming formats are supported by ayControl.

Your ayControl just as you like it!

Fully customizable app design.


ayControl fully lets you customize your profiles:

  • Create layouts to perfectly fit your needs
  • Define custom background images for every room and the main menu
  • Choose between different menu styles
  • Brand the app with your own logo / image

Technical specifications
Remote control via Internet
  • access all features remotely via Internet
  • e.g. trough va VPN or port forwarding in your Firewall
EIB / KNX bus remote control
  • Access to your KNX installation via WiFI and a KNX IP-Interface or Router
  • Read / write all group adresses
Controls for all kinds of KNX devices
  • Climate, blinds, ventilation
  • Light switches & dimmers
  • RGB color control
  • Switches, slider and toggles
  • Lables for value reading
Full customisation
  • Build your own profiles layouts
  • Set your own backgrounds, icons and images
IP Webcam support
  • Displays MotionJPEG, H.264, H.263 and 3GP
  • Support for still JPEG images, periodically updated
Door station communication
  • VoIP via SIP
  • Video via Webcam Support
Automation functions
  • Automate actions on all devices based on rules
  • 24/7, fully automatic
  • Rules consist of actions and conditions
  • Possible via EcoButler for ayControl
Scene support
  • create scenes, which perform multiple actions at once
  • Combine all possible device types
Supported devices
  • Android devices on Android 2.3 and higher
  • Apple devices on iOS 6 and higher
Multimedia remote control
  • control all devices with infrared or network capabilities
  • Infrared e.g. via IRTrans
  • Network via HTTP, TCP, UDP; connected to your WiFi router
  • Icons for various actions on multimedia devices (e.g. Play, Pause,…)
Devices with serial interface
  • supported via LAN adapter

Test ayControl KNX for free!