Are you in the middle of planning or already in the process of building your new KNX Smart Home? Here we show you how you can already benefit from our KNX control app during the shell construction.

For example, lighting control is already required during the construction phase. If, however, the precious KNX wall switches are already installed in this phase, it often happens that they become heavily soiled or even damaged during interior construction. It is always a pity if the valuable KNX wall switches are damaged before you even move in.

Innovative electrical engineering companies are moving over to implementing our ayControl visualization app in a simple variant as early as the shell construction phase. This allows the elementary functions of the Smart Home to be operated during the construction phase and the valuable KNX buttons can be installed later.

Save money with ayControl in KNX installations

Modern thinking customers no longer want to install KNX wall switches for all KNX functions, but only for frequently used commands.
With the ayControl App, they then control both the frequently used and the rarely used commands. If some KNX wall switches are saved, the costs are significantly reduced and the visual look is improved. Of course, you should still provide enough empty boxes in the shell if the rooms will be used differently later.

Summary: Save money on the cost-intensive hardware and use the ayControl app already during the construction phase.