The summer brings heat waves with it, which can be combated with ventilation or darkening with blinds. But wouldn’t it be easier if these measures were carried out by automatic rules e.g. above a certain temperature?

Perhaps you know this: You come home and the heat of the hot summer day has accumulated in your home. Time-consuming ventilation helps, but wouldn’t automatic, natural air conditioning be an advantage?

The EcoButler offers you a solution: Here you can create a rule that, for example, lowers the blinds from a certain room or outside temperature. The command is also possible starting from a specific time or position of the sun.

Together with a KNX-based temperature sensor or an integrated weather station, you can define values above which your KNX Smart Home should be darkened.

If your window openers are also connected to a KNX system, you can also easily control the ventilation in your home with automated rules.

Together with these functions, you can also enjoy the hottest days of summer without energy-intensive air conditioning. ayControl KNX and the EcoButler ensure a more pleasant temperature in your Smart Home.