Summer is a popular time to go on a well-deserved holiday. No matter where the journey takes you – to the sea, to the mountains or to the city – it is important that you can relax there and feel comfortable without worries. But: Unfortunately, not only tourists are on the move in summer – burglars are also increasingly finding their way to temporarily uninhabited houses at this time of the year.

ayControl helps you to get rid of worries about security in your own home. For this purpose we offer a “presence simulation” for your KNX based Smart Home, which makes your house look as if no one has ever left. Your presence is mimicked and makes your home look “occupied” again.

With the EcoButler you can easily create several rules for your Smart Home. For example, you can set the lights in the house to turn on after sunset. The blinds can be lowered during the night and raised again in the morning at a certain time or according to the position of the sun.

ayControl in combination with your KNX system not only offers comfort in your home, but also guarantees security, even if you are not at home. Wouldn’t your worries be a thing of the past if your house looked inhabited and the chance of a break-in was significantly reduced?

Try the presence simulation on ayControl and EcoButler App before your next journey. Then you can go on holiday with a safe feeling and relax in the most comfortable way!